How to Improve own communication skills for business and progress

If you want to be successful in freelancing then remember two things are important which are follow;

  • Communication Skills  
  • Business Development Skills
But in this article, I will tell you about communication skills which are very important for progress. Some people ask questions that communication skills are more important than computer skills.
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How do I improve my communication skills?

How to Improve own communication skills for business and progress
How to Improve own communication skills for business and progress
I improved my communication skills by keeping these points in mind. If you want to improve your communication skills then you have to follow these points;
  1. Discussion of common Intrest
  2. Don’t enforce yourself through opinion
  3. Listen

Discussion of common Intrest

The first thing which is the discussion of common interest is necessary that when you are in a gathering and lot of people then there is some person which continuously talks and makes gathering funny and enjoyable.


And sometimes you don’t like some person which continuously talks in a gathering and you don’t like him because he does not know much about it but speak continuously. People don’t like that person who continuously talks without any reason. 

This is due to a lack of communication skills which he doesn’t know much about it and he could not be popular in life. So communication skills are necessary for progress in life.
You should take care of this when you speak in group or in people then try to speak with the interest of people only which others like.

Dominance Insertion

An example of Dominance insertion is that a person in the gathering becomes overconfident and shows others he knows everything and others don’t know about it. He tries to create dominance insertion by a loud voice that pitch all of sudden become loud. People hate people like this. This is a pathetic communication skill.
People think, try to avoid that person because he does not know much about communications. He continuously talks about his own thinking and ideas and ignores other thoughts. 

Listen to Point of View of other

One of the most important facts of improving communication skills is always listening to the point of view of others and ideas. Always talk according to the situation of and condition and after the listening point of view of people.


Try to be silent when you are sitting in a gathering and listening because listening is learning and learning is the active process of receiving knowledge. A person cannot learn when he continuously speaks. Always give a high and good response to others.


For good communication, it is necessary that listen to talk carefully and then summarize it into small parts give them a good answer with good ideas and keep them short. People like it. Keep in mind that when you are talking to others then don’t give them your point of view and do not give your verdict. Just talk in general.

Common Intrest

Intrest of people is also necessary for communication skills. Always speak in the interest of others. Always keep this thing in your mind that if you want to be successful in getting the attention of people and honor then talk such thing which people likes and want to make discussion.
So from all the above points, we can say that in communication skills we listen to others and get their ideas and answer them precisely and short.
How to increase interest?
For effective communication, you will need to have the same interest as other people to improve your communication skills. This is possible by listening only. You can increase interest by listening, sitting, and watching the content of another person’s choice or of your field related. So therefore it is necessary to take interest in some topic.

What are some ways to improve your own communication skills?

You can improve your communication skills by following these guidelines which are following;
  • Make your own video
By this method, you can improve your speaking skills in front of a camera. After making a video you can see your video and judge what is necessary to improve communication skills or speaking skills.
  • Listen to point-of-view of other and give them good and short answer
  • Give response to others but keep it short and reliable. It should not be irrelevant and wrong.
  • Be precise and to the point answer
  • Talk about something which is common between you and others.
  • Communication skills are not a way to confuse others with just tongue it is a skill that can be achieved with just practice.
  • Practice making your sentence effective and not confusing others with talking.
  • Make a good structure of your discussion to communicate your information to others.
  • Read and listen to interesting content from the internet or from people.
  • Record your English on a mobile camera and judge what mistakes are in it.
  • One of the most important things necessary is to install Grammarly on your mobile and laptop write content and check what mistakes you are doing?
  • Use helping tools for improving communication skills.
  • Start practice in your local language.
These are some tips and points you have to follow to improve your own communication skills. Hope you will understand how to improve your own communication skills?

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Why are communication skills necessary in business skills?

Think that you are a freelancer.  The client had posted a project. Think that there is some mistake in the project and you have to ask for a correction from a client. Here communication skills play important role in business. This means that communication skills are important for success.
In business, you meet different types of people and workers. Here there is a need for good communication to communicate your ideas and thoughts to others. Sometimes you have to give a demo of any project which requires good communication.

In short, a business cannot grow without communication skills. Business is based on skills, not on educational qualifications. Because education only gives you a way to grow in life and a path to follow for life. While communication skills come when you sit and stand in people. I am not saying that education does not give you anything it is necessary for getting knowledge. While communication skills are necessary to talk with the community.

My Words

Here I have explained some points to improve my own communication skills. You can follow these points and tips to improve your speaking and listening skills. Thanks for reading my blog article.

I am Haseeb and a student of civil engineer. I want to share my knowledge with my users. I add interesting topics technology-related for users.

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