Matric and Intermediate special exams | Federal and Punjab board policy | Students questions related Special Exams 2021

 Asslam Alaikum! I hope all of you will be fine. There are a lot of questions from students related to special exams. The reason for this is that there was no policy between the Punjab board and the Federal Board, But now the policy of both boards is now clear for students.

Matric and Intermediate special exams | Federal and Punjab board policy | Student’s questions related to Special Exams 2021

The Federal Board has shared his FAQ on their Official Facebook Page in which they have answered all questions of students. A complete policy from the Punjab board of chairman had come related to both ( the Punjab board and Federal Bored ). 

I will tell you about what will be the syllabus? What subjects will be there? If you improve one subject then will it improve other compulsory subjects also or not? We will discuss all of them in detail.

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So lets.

what will be the subjects and syllabus for special subjects?

So the first thing which is in special exam is that what will be the subjects and syllabus? It is already clear that the exam will be only for elective subjects only. The exam will not be for compulsory subjects. And short syllabus for exams will follow. 

As it were a smart syllabus with a similar exam pattern to the exam of 2021 Board exam. There will be no change in special exams related to exam patterns and syllabus.

What are the criteria of improvements chance for students?

Now another important talk is whether it will count in improvements chance for students? Then it is confirmed that it will not be considered in the improvements of previous subjects. This means if students want to give their exam for improvements and all those students who have done their improvements in the exam of 2021 then these students can also avail this chance for exam and can appear in special exams. 


It is a very clear talk related to the Punjab board that those students who have availed their chance for appearing in the exam 2021 can also appear gain in these special exams also. They can get this chance again. 

Related to federal board exams, shared a post on their Facebook page with FAQ, in which there are only two things that are addressed or pointed out.

If we improve exams of elective subjects then whether it will improve subjects of Part-1?

The answer to this question is yes because if we improve the subject of part-2 then it will also improve the subject of part-1. Mean if I improve the subject of physics in part 2 then it will also improve the subject of part-1. Then if only 3 marks improve then it will be added in your part-1 and also part-2. This means the same principle will be used.

On the basis of these subjects’ improvement will it improve marks of compulsory subjects?

Yes, the marks will improve. For example, if 3 numbers improve in your physics improve exam them it will also be added to your marks according to the 5% method.

If a student appears in the special exam in 2021 and his marks come less than annual then which marks will be on the final result?

Then maximum marks will be counted as result card marks. This means if you got 800 marks in a special exam which your annual exam mark is 900 then these 900 marks will be counted for your result card marks. The case will be of improvement as it were before 2021. 


And if marks of the annual exam were less than the special exam then marks of the special exam will be counted for the result card. This policy related to the federal board while the policy has come from Punjab board is that,

Matric and Intermediate special exams

Visit here to get this form from the Bahawalpur board website
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Sardogha board special exam
Lahore board
get here Rawalpindi special exam policy 

It is posted on the Bahawalpur board website which is the final policy. According to this policy 5 points are discussed there,

  • Students who were absent from the matric and intermediate annual exam who are not happy with their marks can appear in this special exam but for this, you will have to send a letter to in writing board that you can appear in the special board exam and it is published on Gujranwala board website that you will have to cancel your previous exam of 2021. 
  • It is very clear that in the case of the federal board there will be the only case of improvement and marks will be considered with maximum but in Punjab boards, the result of your annual exam will be canceled. The result will be canceled of that subject in which you want to appear in the spacial exam and the result of the special exam will be considered and finalized. 
  • Similarly, those students who could not give their exam due to shortage of attendance or institute do not send their admission form for the exam of 2021 can also give this special exam also. This relaxation is also given to them.
  • Candidate can appear in one subject, 2 subjects or any and result of these subjects will be improved and the result will be cancel of those subjects only and it will not affect on compulsory subjects. This means if you appear in Physic exams then the result of only physics will be improved. And marks base on 5% for Urdu Islamiyat and pay study will not be improved. It is likely said that you improve your part-2 physics marks then marks of part-1 of physics will also be improved.
  • If a student wants to appear in additional subjects then he can also appear in it also. This means such students who appeared in Physics, biology, and chemistry subjects can also appear in an additional subject like math subject. They can also avail themselves of this chance of a special exam.
  • Similarly, those students which gave their supplementary exam and were the last chance can also appear in this special exam of 2021 also. 

Application Procedure

The application procedures of all boards are different. The procedure of some of them is online and some have uploaded their application form on their website portal. You can take print of this and after filing and getting the signature of your parents and your education institute, you have to submit it into their office within 15 days.

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