PMA Long course 151 helping material for initial test preparation

I hope all of you will be fine. As you know that Pakistan army has announced a new PMA Long Course and syllabus. If you did not apply for PMA long course 151 still then go to their website and apply for it.

In this article, I will discuss how to prepare an initial test for PMA Long course 151 and its syllabus. The initial test consists of two tests;

  • Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test
PMA Long course 151 helping material for initial test preparation
PMA Long course 151 helping material for initial test preparation

For qualification, there is only a need for 50% of marks to qualify. Sometimes repeat questions covers this gap to qualify this test. This is very easy to prepare PMA long course 151 initial test using some tips and helping material.


In this article, I will explain to you their test pattern, syllabus, preparation guidelines and also tell you helpful material related to it.

Intelligence Test

Let’s talk first of all about intelligence tests. In this test, two tests happen in PMA which are as follows;

  • Verbal questions
  • Non-Verbal Questions

This test is similar for those intuitions;

The recommended book for this is Dodgers. You can prepare an intelligence test from that book. For intelligence tests, there is no need to make a ratta of books for PMA long course initial test preparation ⌣.

Get all important books, Mcqs, questions, and papers Dodgers: link

But if you want to buy any books related to any subject or syllabus of PMA long course 151 then go here

➡️ Verbal Questions

In the verbal test, there are 84 questions that you have to complete in just 30 minutes. Dodgers book is recommended for it. You can practice for it. (Below I have provided related books and their solutions)

➡️ Non-Verbal Questions

In a non-verbal test, you have to complete 86 questions in 40 minutes. The main reason for less time in PMA long course 151 is only to check the mind level of students whether they can make decisions fastly or not?

Academic Test 

For those students which could not qualify for the academic tests, the main reason for this is that they do not know what the syllabus of academic tests to qualify is? So the syllabus of the academic Test of PMA long course 151 syllabus 2021 are as followed;

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamiyat
  • General Knowledge
  • Physics general questions 
  • Knowledge of armed forces
  • Academic notes
  • Past papers

Basic Requirement for PMA Long Course 151 for selection

  • A person should be an unmarried Pakistani or you have domicile of Azad-Kashmir to apply
  • Dunal nationality person also can apply for it and if you are selected in final see; section then you will withdraw your foreign nationality
  • The age range is 17-22 years and if your age is more than 3 months from 22 years then you are also eligible for it. With 2 years bachelor’s age limit is 23 years and with a 4-year bachelor’s, the age limit is 24 with no 3 months relaxation for PMA initial test preparation.
  • 5′ 4″ should be the height of a male person, no female can apply for it
  • Weight should be matched your age according to the BMI chart
  • Eight sight 6/6 with or without glasses
  • You should be a healthy person with no major disease
  • You should not be twice not recommended by ISSB and if you are then you are not eligible for it
  • You can apply with a hope certificate also which you can get from your college office
  • Waiting for the 12th result can also apply for PMA initial test.

Selection Process of PMA Long course 151

  1. You have to apply for it online, no challan you have to pay
  2. Initial test held of PMA long course 151 initial and you can get a slip from PMA website. You have to take original documents of Matric, FSC, and NIC and slip for the initial test. If you have a hope certificate, then the result of matric and part-1 should you have to take for the initial test. The percentage of marks is 40 to 60% in intermediate but it is not confirmed, changed in every PMA long course. 
  3. Then the physical test will be held in which you have to run 1.6 KM in 8 minutes. 15 to 20 pushups and situps
  4. After passing the physical and medical tests, your initial interview will be held which is changed a lot in the previous PMA long course 148.
  5. After qualifying initial interview, submit the ISSB form and ISSB call letter to your home
  6. 5 days of ISSB will be held which is of personality test and their center is in Kohat, Gujranwala, Karachi, and Quetta.
  7. If you are recommended from ISSB then your final medical checkup will be held and if considered fit, your merit list made of your scores. Merit list makes on your marks from initial to ISSB selections.
  8. After merit list a training held of 2 years and then passed out.

Tip to Prepare PMA Long Course 151 Test in the best method

I will tell you one tip by which you can easily qualify for an intelligence test. For this test join groups from those social media;

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
  • Get the experience of people from others to prepare any missing thing
  • Prepare a little bit from books to get ideas in paper type questions
  • Prepare those questions which are very important in the experience of other experiences

As you know that their test is taken online with an online database of questions or we called it Question Bank. And it generates questions automatically. Due to this reason, their question repeat again and again every year. After clearing this test medical test was taken at the same time as PMA initial test.

Helpful Youtube content for PMA Long course 151 test preparation

You can get complete guidance about PMA long course from youtube videos also. These videos are made by an experienced person on Youtube Channel name >> Ali’s Way

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In this article, I want to tell you about just the initial test. Hope you will clearly understand how to clear PMA Long course 151 using these tips which I tell you. Thanks 

I am Haseeb and a student of civil engineer. I want to share my knowledge with my users. I add interesting topics technology-related for users.

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