Some errors people not know about telegram queries solved

 The most popular app after Whatsapp is a telegram which is mostly used by users. This app is with amazing features and specifications for users.

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Some errors people do not know about telegram queries solved

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Some errors people do not know about telegram queries solved

Bots features are very amazing in it which has solved a lot of problems of people. Now, the telegram sends a message automatically with the help of bots to users and fetches data according to the bot setting.


Similarly, the telegram has some errors and queries that people do not know about it. So let’s start,

Can I video call someone on telegram that is not using the Telegram app?

The answer is no. Because We are contacting with other person using telegram and other person does not have telegram then it is impossible. Like we do not have a phone and want to call someone without a phone ๐Ÿ˜€. It looks crazy.

Why donโ€™t I get push notifications from Telegram Even if a chat is not muted?

There are two reasons for it, one is you block notifications from websites in Google chrome settings or mistakenly turn off notifications from that chat. The second is in apps. Sometimes mobe phones block notifications from apps due to battery problems or rarely using apps.
Another reason may be background running optimization of the telegram app. In Oppo, realme, and Infinix mobile, the operating systems automatically block notifications for battery saving.

Does the Telegram app work on a Samsung Android phone?

Yes, of course, it works on Samsung mobile, oppo,realme, iPhone, and all other brands. This app is much popular and available for every brand to communicate with users.
We can say that telegram will be the future of Whatsapp due to a lot of possibilities in this app.


Why does it say muted by admin on a telegram chat?

This message comes on telegram due to restrictions by the admin. This feature is similar to the Whatsapp group where only the admin can send messages to the group. In telegram bots also can send messages automatically to users.

How do I add someone to my telegram list?

It is very simple, just go to the sidebar of the telegram and open contacts and select contact in your mobile contact and add it in your group easily. You can also someone by using an invite link but it is unsafe for the personal group because anyone can join with a link.

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