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Sometimes we are sitting in a group of friends or family and want to write a text message then it is very difficult to do this due to typing sound like a typewriter. Similarly, its sound teases others also. This guide will help, how can I make my phone quiet when I text anyone it’s so loud like a typewriter?

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how to turn off keyboard typing sounds

When you type a message then a noise comes by clicking any text. Most people use vibration to detect that their text message is typing correctly. But the sound of the mobile keyboard’s button teases like a typewriter. It is very simple to quiet when I text anyone. Typewriter sound effect is present in every mobile phone.

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Methods to quit when typing

  1. Change it from the mobile setting
  2. App to change phone typing sound

1# Change it from mobile Setting

Anyone can change this setting from the mobile setting option. Follow these steps;
  • Go to setting, click on Sound and Vibration
  • Scroll down and click on System sounds and vibrations
  • Here you will see all types of sounds on mobile
  • Find the setting of keyboard sounds there and turn it off
  • Keyboard vibrations can be turned off just find them there and turn off it.
If the above method does not work then follow this;

  • Go to additional settings in phone settings
  • Click on Language & Input 
  • Click on your preferred keyboard if you are using google keyboard then click on GBoard 
  • Here you will option of preferences tap on it
  • Scroll down uncheck the sound on the keypress & Vibrate on keypress 
  • You can also turn off Popup on keypress if you want.

2# App to change phone typing sound

It is very easy and simple to change settings using the Volume Control app. Simple go to link and install the app. Now open the app and change the keyboard setting. This app has some additional features to customize the sound for every app separately.

3# Setting of vibrations for typing

You can change the vibration effect of the keyboard using apps. Sometimes it is not available on mobile after turning off typing sound and we want vibration on typing alternative to sound. This is possible with the “VibeOnKey” App. Simple install it and do what you want. 

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