All Zong Free Internet Code 2023 Tricks [Updated Method]

Do you want to get free internet access without balance? Then you should check all codes on your mobile, Zong, 4g sim. Zong is the most popular internet service provider in Pakistan. It offers a lot of free internet data offers for its users to engage them every month with news promotion codes and bundles. In this article, I have shared a lot of methods and tricks to get free mb code for Zong sim.

Zong free mbs code 2023 Here, I will show you the best method to use free data on your mobile using zong 4g sim. I will cover all topics related to how to get free Mbs code for zong 4g sim with free whatsapp code without balance and proxy setting method to enjoy the internet 100% free without any charges.

All Zong Free Internet Code 2023
All Zong Free Internet Code 2023

It is now common, every person needs the internet for their daily needs. He has to search for something on the internet. It may be related to study, business, shopping, etc. So every company tries to fulfill this need of every person to progress by all means. Similarly, zong also provides free internet packages for its users all over Pakistan to engage them. So let’s start;

Zong Free Internet code 2023 working method

The code I am sharing with you will work on all zong sims. Try all free internet tricks on zong sim and it will work hopefully.

Zong free mb code 2023 with open-tunnel file [updated March 2023]

Today I am sharing with you a new method to access free internet using zong free whatsapp code 2023. This is the latest & working method all over pakistan on zong sim.

To access free zong data using this trick you will need to enter following code and subscribe a whatsapp package only. Follow these steps;

  • Dial *247# on dialpad and subscribe to zong Monthly whatsapp package in Rs.90 rupees with 5GB internet for whatsapp only.
  • Once you subscribe to it, install Open Tunnel VPN from Play Store
  • After installing you will need a SSH account to access zong free internet code 2023 on whatsapp package
  • Go to this ssh account provider and make a free account which is valid only for 7 days. You can also make a 30 days account on it or any other ssh provider website. Note username, password and port which is 443.
creat ssh account and note username, password and host name and port 443 also
free internet using whatsapp package with ssh account
  • Download this open tunnel file and import it into open tunnel app using import option given in the top right corner by clicking on the dots icon.
  • Now go to open tunnel vpn app setting and then ssh settings and put the ssh account detail like this,
open tunnel setting for zong whatsapp package using ssh account
open tunnel setting for ssh account
  • Put the noted ssh account and exit the setting
  • click on start and wait for some time. It will connect automatically.
  • Once it connected you can access all internet free using whatsapp package only.
  • Once WhatsApp package Mbs used, subscribe it again and enjoy the whole internet.
  • If you not understand what i am saying you can search on youtube about it and learn about it by just searching the heading as given above.

Zong 1GB free internet 2023 New Method

This method works only on few zong prepaid sim. This code works on Zong 4G sims. Just follow below steps;

  • Just dial *6565# on zong sim
  • A popup will appear with zong bundles
  • In last, you will see “Free 1GB@0.00” of number #5 on popup
  •  Just put that number and click on send
  • You will receive a confirmation message of getting 1GB free zong net.
  • You can get this offer again and again, just try it on all zong sim and working these days.

Zong new handset free internet offer

All customers who buy new smartphone from our partners are eligible for getting zong free internet for next 3 months. These smartphone are #Samsung#VIVO#OPPO or #Infinix.

  • Just dial *4114# in dial pad to subscribe to free internet
  • You will get 12GB in Rs. 0
  • To check remaining MBs, dial *102#. This offer is only for prepaid customers.

Free internet code for zong

You can be able to get free minutes and internet without any charges. Try it on all of your sims; it will work. This code works only for those customers using 2G or 3G instead of upgrading to 4G zong sim. Go to nearest retailer and upgrade your zong 2G or 3G sim to 4G and enjoy zong free Mbs for 1 week.

  • You will get 400 free minutes and 4GB of internet for free.
  • This offer is valid for 7 Days (Except from 7 PM – 11:59 PM).
  • To get it, just dial *44# 

Zong Free Internet Code List 2023

Here I am sharing with you some zong latest working codes which mainly provide free offers to users. Try all of these codes and hope they work.

4GB free trick*537*2# enjoy free 1500MB
Free Mbs code*44#
Free 4GB for 1 day*568# or *11#
Monthly free internet code *56*8*23# free 5000MBs for 1 Month
Free Mbs code*551#, *910#, get free Zong internet
Free Mbs code*6464*5*2# free zong net trick
Free 10GB zong internet
[[ Latest ]]
Dial *3366# and get 10GB of free internet
Some working codes on Zong sim

Balance Recharge with zong free Mbs

First of all, you have to recharge 50 rupees in zong number

  • Now dial *22# from the dial pad, a popup will appear to subscribe BOR (Balance of Recharge) offer
  • Reply with 1, and you will receive a message of 1000MBs free for the next 3 days without any charges.
  • You can avail of this offer again and again of recharge more than Rs. 50/ for the next 2 months. I personally use this offer.

By dialing *22#  your balance will not be used. It is just to ensure that you have recharged a load of 50 or more than 50 rupees. So don’t worry about the balance cut.

Sim lagao zong free internet code 2023

This is a very simple trick that can be used on any sim for free. You can use 1 or more than 1 sim for free internet for a lifetime.

  • Your sim should be turned off for 1 month to avail of free zong net
  • Dial *2244# from the dial pad, and you will get 8GB for the next 60 Days without any balance requirement.
  • You could use the above code again and again if you turned off your sim for the next 30 days again. 
  • You can effectively use this sim lagao offer for free for a lifetime by this method,
  • Take 2 or 3 zong sim to avail zong 4g sim free internet 2023
  • Now put them off for 1 month
  • Use 1 sim for free internet and put other for next 1 month off
  • By this method, you will get 30-day zong free internet using the above code again and again

Zong free internet code new sim 2023 [UPDATED]

If you have purchased a new zong sim, simply dial *10# in the dial pad. You will get the following bundles free for 7 days;

Free bundlesIncluding
Free net2GB
Zong Minutes 1000 on-net minutes
Validity7 days
zong new sim offer

You can take this zong free net offer once after purchasing a zong sim.

All zong bundles code for the internet package

If you want to subscribe zong internet bundle, here I have shared some cheap and good zong bundle codes. You can subscribe to any bundle using these codes. Some codes might not work.

Zong Daily internet packages

Package NameFree MbsPriceCode
Zong Social Pack (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter)100 MBsRs.10*6464#
Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Package2500 MBsRs.16Just SMS “gno” to 6464
Zong Daytime Offer1500 MBs
(4 am to 7 pm)
Zong Daily Data Max 3G / 4G Package500 MBs + 500Mbs YoutubeRs.38*5#

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Packages NameOn-Net MintsOff-Net MintsFree SMSFree MBsPriceCode
 Zong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer400 4GB (4 AM – 7 PM)Rs. 0 *44#
 Zong Weekly SMS Bundle1500 200 MBs (Whatsapp)Rs. 21 *702#
 Zong Weekly Youtube Offer 8GB (Youtube)Rs.100 *570#
 Zong Shandaar Weekly Package 500 40500 500 MBsRs.120 *7#
 Zong Mega Weekly Offer 4 GBRs.160
 Zong Super Weekly 3G / 4G Package 2500 MBsRs.165 *6464#
 Zong Punjab Offer 150 (All ) 6 GBRs.230 *2222#
 Zong Super Weekly Plus 3G/4G Package 7 GBRs.240*20# 
 Zong Haftawar Load Offer250080 2500 2500 MBsRs.250*70# 
 Zong Karachi Offer5000755000 5 GBRs.250 *54#
 Zong Super Weekly Max 30 GB (10 GB + 5GB
(4am – 4pm) + 15 GB Data for YouTube)
Rs.299 *220#
 Zong Super Weekly Premium 100(All) 30 GB (15 GB + 15 GB for YouTube & TikTok)Rs.330*225#

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Package Nameon-Net MintsOff-Net MintsFree SMSFree MBsPriceCode
 Zong Whatsapp Offer unlimited (WhatsApp) Rs. 30 *247#
 Zong Monthly Facebook Offer 6 GB (Facebook) Rs. 70 *250#
 Zong Monthly Basic 500 3G / 4G Package 500 MBRs.150 *6464#
 Zong Monthly 3GB 3G / 4G Package 3 GBRs. 300 *6464#
 Zong Shandaar Monthly Package1000100 1000 1 GBRs. 300 *1000#
 Zong Monthly Power Pack 50010005010002500 MBsRs. 500*1313#
 Zong Data Share 3G / 4G Package (10GB) 10 GBRs. 900 *6464*5#
 Zong Supreme Offer 50003005000 5 GB (+ 4GB Whatsapp, 2GB Youtube)Rs.1000 *3030#
 Zong Monthly Premium 30GB 30 GB (15 GB Flat + 15 GB YouTube)Rs.1000 *6464#

You can try all of these above codes to get zong free internet data code.


Hope I would be able to provide All Zong Free Internet Code 2023 and all zong bundles. All of these codes will work on your sim. If not work, you can subscribe to any daily, monthly, or weekly bundle at a cheap rate. Try them before the company blocks these.

I am Haseeb and a student of civil engineer. I want to share my knowledge with my users. I add interesting topics technology-related for users.

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