Zong send Free SMS Without Balance [ Codes & Tricks ]

Due to the popularity of Zong 4G with high-speed internet, it provides many free resources like free internet, cheap call packages, and many zong send free SMS without balance offers. 

Zong has made access to people effortless with a lot of free bundles. Every month Zong launches new and fantastic offers, including free MBs and SMS. Their call packages are very cheap than all other networks. 

Recently Zong has provided some bundles and codes to send free SMS without balance to Zong users all over Pakistan. Multan Dhamaal offer is one example of them at a cheap rate.

Zong sends free SMS without Balance is possible with the Zong app, codes, and some tricks which I am going to share with you. For the past few years, Zong was not so good, but now they provide all resources almost free to engage their users and increase their market value.

How to send Zong Free SMS code Without Balance trick
How to send Zong Free SMS code Without Balance trick

Zong send Free SMS without Balance codes

Some codes are used to send free SMS on Zong prepaid sim without balance. Before using these codes ensure that your Zong sim does not have any balance. 

  • *537*2#  or *56*8*23#  these two codes contain hidden gifts for their prepaid users. Try these codes again and again to get gift bundles.
  • *2244#  you have to turn on sim after 30 days and get free internet, SMS, and call bundles.
  • *638#
  • *568# you will get unlimited SMS for one day only without Balance and try it again and again to avail this offer.


  • *10# it works only for new SIM users who bought their new sim.
  • *34# by dialing this code; you will get 500 free SMS with unlimited validity. There are no requirements for using this offer.
  • *44# (convert your 3G Zong sim to 4G and get free internet without balance)
  • Send empty SMS to 4111

If the above codes still work, your Zong sim is eligible to send free SMS without Balance. There are many other methods for Zong to send SMS by subscribing to some other bundles which provide SMS along with free internet and call bundle.

Zong send a free SMS code trick

SMS bundles can be subscribed easily by going to the Zong SMS bundles menu. Ensure that you are the Prepaid customers of Zong send free SMS without balance. Follows below steps;

  • Dial *700# in dial pad
  • Select your preferred option ( Daily, weekly, monthly )
  • Here you will see the cheapest Zong SMS bundles.
  • Select any bundle and enjoy this offer. Use this code till this offer work in your area.

Zong emergency send free SMS without balance

Sometimes you need emergency Zong to send free SMS without balance on your Zong sim, this is now possible with this SMS code. Just dial *100# from your Zong prepaid sim and will get an SMS bundle. 

After dialing this code press 1 and enter that number to send SMS. By using this trick you can send free SMS to anyone. But use this offer only helpful when you want to send your Zong number by SMS and you don’t remember it.

Zong Advance balance to send free SMS

You can get an advance for free from Zong of Rs.25 including Rs.3 tax. First dial *911# from dial pad and you will get Zong advance balance for free. 

Now after getting the advance balance code, dial *700# and select your desired bundle which can be subscribed with the remaining advance balance to send free SMS without balance

All cheap Zong SMS bundles codes

Here are some Zong free SMS bundles you can subscribe to any one of them. Simply select any bundle and dial code;

Daily SMSRs. 7500 SMS (All Networks)*700#
Zulu SMS BundleRs. 4 (inc. tax)500 SMS/Day (All networks)Dial *704# or SMS ‘SUB’ to 704
Weekly SMSRs. 281500 SMS/Week(All networks)dial *702# or Just SMS ‘SUB’ to 700
Monthly SMSRs. 66500 SMS/Day(All networks)dial *705#
Zong Full Gup Package(Daily)Rs.5100SMS 75on-net mints 30MBDial *118*1# (To unsubscribe: Send unsub to 1181)
Zong Sixer Plus Package(1 Day)Rs.8500SMS(All networks) Unlimited on-net mints (6AM-6PM)Dial *666# (To unsubscribe: Send Unsub to 666111)
Zong Perfect Package(1 Day)Rs.12500SMS(All networks), 10000 on-net mints (10PM-7PM)Dial *118*2# (To unsubscribe: Send Unsub to 7171)
Zong Flutter Package(1 Day)Rs.12120SMS(All networks),50MB, 120 on-net mintsDial *369# (To unsubscribe: Send unsub to 369)
Zong Shandaar Daily Package(1 Day)Rs.14800SMS(All networks),50MB, Unlimited on-net mintsDial *999#
Zong Haftawar Load Offer(7 Day)Rs.2502500SMS(All networks),2.5GB, 2500 on-net mints,80 off-net mintsDial *70# To Unsubscribe(Type “Unsub weekly250” SMS to 6464)
Zong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly)(7 Day)Rs.2001000SMS(All networks),2.5GB, 1000 on-net mints,40 off-net mintsDial *6464# > 4 > 1 To Unsubscribe(dial *6464#)
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package(7 Day)Rs.120500SMS(All networks),500MB, 500 on-net mints,40 off-net mintsDial *7#
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500(3 Months)Rs.15003000SMS(All networks),8GB, 8000 on-net mints,200 off-net mintsDial *1313#
Zong Sim Lagao OfferRs.06000SMS(All networks),4GB, 6000 on-net mintsDial *2244#

Hope all codes will work. If there is something wrong then comment below I will update them.

My Zong App bundles

You will get a lot of SMS bundles on My Zong App. Simply install the Zong app from the play store on your android mobile and go to the bundle section and select any internet bundle. 

By subscribing to any Zong internet bundle users will be able to Zong send free SMS without balance till their internet bundle expires.

Send Free SMS on Zong

  • Another method to send free SMS without balance on Zong sim is by using some promotional codes provided by the company. 
  • Mostly you get this code by company promotional messages otherwise you can dial *310*25# and you will get 2500SMS for the next 30 days for free.
  • Dial this code *425*7# and you will get a chance of 60000 free SMS for the next 90 days without any balance requirement.

Send Free SMS to any SIM with free App

Here I am giving you another new and amazing trick to send free SMS without balance to any number like jazz, Telenor, Zong, or Ufone using this app. 

  • You just need to install this app ” Unlimited Calling + Texting ” on your android phone. 
  • Now signup with a mobile number or with an Email. 
  • After creating an account you will see like this 
send free SMS on Zong sim
send free SMS on Zong sim
  • Here click on get free credits and select any methods for free coins.
  • You can also get free credits by watching free ads also.
  • Now click on the bottom right corner square button and click on send free SMS to any number.

Here you have successfully got Zong to send free SMS without balance. You can also send it to Zong’s number.

Viber 4000SMS trick

Today I am going to share with you such an application by which you can call & SMS throughout Pakistan for free. The name of this application is the “Viber” app. You can install it on your android mobile simply from the play store.

  • Simply create an account in Viber App and click on the call icon
  • Now select any number you want to call or SMS
  •  You will be asked for a 1-week trial
  • Just enter any credit card detail and get free 4000 SMS and 4000 Minutes for 1 week.
  • Now you can send free SMS without balance to any Zong, Ufone, jazz, or Telenor number for free for 1 week until the trial ends.
  • After 1 week’s trial ends you can create another account and get another trial for another week.
  • Now you will be able how to send or get free SMS without balance.

Some Queries About Zong free SMS

How to get free SMS on Zong Sim?

You can get Free SMS on Zong sim by dialing *310*25#. This is Zong’s promotional code and you will get 2500SMS for the next 30 days for free.

How to send free SMS without balance on Zong sim?

Dial *100# and select option 1 (Please call me). Enter any number where you want to send free SMS on Zong, Jazz, Ufone, or Telenor number. This code is mostly used to get your Zong sim number which you don’t know.

What is the best app for Zong to send free SMS?

Viber app is the best app for zong send free SMS without balance on any Zong sim for free which gives you a free trial of 1 week. But you can take another trial using another email.


Hope I will be able to sort out all Zong free SMS codes which work without balance here 😊. New offers and codes tricks will be listed there. So please visit again and again for interesting offers. Thank you! 

I am Haseeb and a student of civil engineer. I want to share my knowledge with my users. I add interesting topics technology-related for users.

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